Unique sidebars per page

As a web developer who was used to building sites with Dreamweaver, one thing that frustrated me about building a WordPress site, was the apparent inability to have different content showing up in the sidebars of different pages. At first, I simply believed it was impossible unless you were an expert at PHP programming. That was before I found a great widget that made this possible.

The plugin that can make this possible is called a “Section Widget“. It looks similar to regular widget in the “Widgets” panel, but when you drag it over to your sidebar and open it up, it has a whole host of options. You can make the widget available by categories, pages, or many other special characteristics. This can be an extremely valuable plugin to give each page some unique content in the sidebars.

If you look to the left of this post, you will see a box titled “Section Widget” and information about this plugin. However, you will notice that this box only appears on this page. The only limitation of this plugin is you can’t tell existing plugins like “Search” or “Categories” etc to show up on this page or that page. Of course in most cases that it is not an issue.

It is because of the many talented people creating useful widgets like this that makes WordPress such a great tool to create websites with. So, for all of you plugin creators, a big thank you goes out to you.