Dale saved me. I was going to get my first site done by a company in downtown Vancouver. I had signed an agreement but they wanted thousands of dollars and I was really getting the feeling I might be overpaying. Dale checked it out for me and showed me what the proper fee should be and also got me out of this bad deal, as well as transferring the data to a reliable and cost effective host.

All I had to do was give Dale the general idea of what I wanted, i.e. Piano Keys as link buttons, and he designed it from scratch. I travel world wide 8 months out of the year and often have little internet access, but, if I send an email to Dale about updating something, et voila, like magic it’s done. I cannot recommend Dale highly enough for his design skill, tenacity to complete a project and conscientious business sense, three important qualities that are all too rare in modern times.

Kemble – Piano Entertainer.


“Sketch to Pixels has gone far beyond my expectations with their commitment and dedication to helping me achieve the vision for my Website. I’m operating with a very tight micro budget for my Web Series, I shared my vision with Dale, and he has done an amazing job at not only creating my Website, but helping me to visually express my vision for my Web Series to others through the design of my Website.

Everyone who has looked at my Website has been blown away by it; especially when they find out how much it cost.

I highly recommend “Sketch to Pixels” to anyone looking for great service, and a great design for their Website at an incredibly affordable price.

Thanks Dale for helping take my vision out of my head and putting it onto the Website.

All the Best, Mike Bennett”. (Becoming Magnum)


I want to take this opportunity to thank Dale of Sketch to Pixels. I wanted to open a website about my cooking. I spoke to Dale and he and I met for a consultation. From the moment we met there was no doubt that Dale was the one I would choose to design my web page. He was very informative, knew what to do and his ideas about how the webpage would look like was on the same page as mine.

Within a week of meeting Dale my website was up and running. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. All of my friends and family are amazed with the professionalism he showed and the help he gave me in achieving this goal of many years.

I would recommend Dale to anyone who is looking to set up a website. He is fast, kind, knows his work and works with you and has great input and is always willing to look outside the box.

Sashi from Juuluum Food


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